As part of the full time training programme the young people are provided with an opportunity to develop their skills in wood craft.

Some of the young people who commence the woodwork course have previous experience from school while for others the subject is a totally new programme. 

At the early stages of the programme a lot of emphasis is paid to Health and Safety in the workshop which is very important in the day to day running of the workshops.

As the young people develop their knowledge and understanding of the course they are examined in their ability to understand project drawings, measurements, proper use of workshop tools, health and safety aspects as well as their specific woodwork skills.  

Achieving QQI accreditatin in the subject is always a special event and this helps to build personal and professional confidence in the young people.  Once they leave Candle some of the young people continue to build upon the woodwork skills and experience obtained while in Candle. There are two modules available to young people in the centre; these include Woodwork and Wood Craft at QQI Level 3 and 4


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