Candle's Therapeutic Space

Since its beginnings Candle has been working with young people who present with a wide range of personal struggles and difficulties. The emotional and psychological health of young people has always been a priority for the organisation. Over the years we have provided significant individual and group processes which seek to promote wellbeing at all levels of the person. Much emphasis has been placed on providing each person with a mentor/keyworker who offers emotional support and care, particularly during key times in the person’s life. We constantly seek to create an environment which is conducive to personal growth and integration for all.


 It is our experience that the young people we work with find it very difficult to sustain weekly appointments with external therapeutic services when arranged. In 2013 we ran 4-month pilot programme offering therapies such as counselling, acupuncture, reflexology and mindfulness practice on site to the young people we work with. The success of that programme lead to the inception of Candles Therapeutic Space in 2014 and we have strived ever since to create a unique ‘wrap around’ service that is in effect ‘care within a circle of care’.


The young people attending Candle daily, have built a rapport with the organisation, have confidence in attending, feeling a sense of safety and belonging and in turn are more open to therapeutic interventions.


Our keyworkers and tutors provide the much needed care and attention on a daily basis while also playing a significant role in promoting and supporting the young people into assessing the therapeutic services they crucially need. With the establishment and continuous development of the Therapeutic Space we have successfully created a calmer environment and culture of seeking help.


 A wide range of therapies have continued to be provided throughout the past 4 years to young people attending our various programmes at Candle.  The interests, uptake and outcomes have been truly remarkable.   Last year we extended our services to reach a wider population through collaboration and inter-agency work.